In my first blog post, I would like to share a very exciting moment in my carrier, my very first interview ever.

A couple of months ago Jamie Williamson at Best of bespoke came up with a very noble idea. He wanted to create a community platform where he can connect makers in Britan with the right audience. Shortly after the launch, he approached me to express his admiration of my work and asked me to ​join his team of makers. I was very flattered of course and said yes.

Recently he launched the new version of the website with over 75 makers and 100 members.

He also introduced a new forum section where he will post an interview series with the makers called Meet the Maker

He was kind enough to ask me first If I would like to start the series.

Please go and visit his website and share it let's help him grow the community

You can also read the full interview with me here

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